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Solar Power Newcastle

Efficient, Reliable and Affordable Solar Power in Newcastle

At Current Generation Technology we specialise in providing turnkey solar power systems to all properties in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Whether you are installing solar power to a commercial, industrial or residential property in Newcastle and surrounding areas or you have an off grid solar power application, we can custom design a solar power system to suit your requirements.

Installing a solar power system is a great way to reduce energy bills, protect yourself against rising cost of electricity and increase your green credentials and public image. Being locals of the Newcastle area, we understand the needs of our clients by providing exceptional solar power solutions at fantastic prices.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Power...

If you are interested in reducing your energy costs and “going green” at your Newcastle business, our knowledgeable staff are qualified to answer all your questions regarding our commercial solar power solutions. We believe that solar power can significantly benefit your Newcastle business. After performing an on-site assessment of your site in Newcastle or surrounding area we can advise you on a commercial solar power solution to suit your business and provide full engineering and financial analysis. As solar power systems have little or no moving parts they are extremely reliable and require little ongoing maintenance.

Residential Solar Power Installations...

We guarantee our solar power products will offer you peace of mind, as we provide professional on-site installations at affordable rates. At Current Generation Technology we offer our clients in Newcastle and surrounding areas solar panels with 25 years performance guarantee and product warranties from 5 to 20 years. Our solar power installers only use the highest quality bankable solar panels and inverters to ensure your product is reliable and lasts a lifetime.

Battery Backup/Off Grid Solar Power Installations...

Current Generation Technology Can design and install Grid connected battery backup solar power systems which are fully programmable and can be set to only draw power from the grid when it suits you and can store excess solar energy to be used at night. They automatically first store in batteries and then export any excess generated renewable power to the mains electricity grid and take advantage of Feed-In-Tariffs .During a power outage, the system sources backup power from a pre-charged battery, offering the user mains quality power and peace of mind. Once the grid electricity is restored, the battery backup solar system automatically reverts to providing electricity from the grid, simultaneously recharging the battery and maintaining them in optimum condition.

Current Generation Technology can also design and install full off grid solar power systems including appropiately sized battery bank and/or generator to meet your energy requirements in Newcastle.

Further information about Current Generation Technology – Solar Power Newcastle:

If you are interested in saving money on electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint, contact our professional and helpful solar power team at Current Generation Technology in Newcastle today.

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